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From the time she could put words together, country music artist Cassandra Joy began singing and has never stopped. She often performs at county fairs, local festivals, malls, and at famous Nashville venues such as “The Bluebird Cafe”, “The Listening Room”, and “Pucketts”. This Troy Ohio native trained with the highly esteemed artist development program “PCG Nashville”, where in addition to other things she honed her songwriting skills with veteran Nashville songwriters. Cassandra’s bubbly personality and casual “jeans kind of girl” style, combined with her strong, angelic vocals and original songs, captivate her listeners and leave them anxious for more.
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Holy Jeans *
Burned *
Don’t Take My Breath Away *
What Would You Say *
Just Somethin’ *
Fairytale *
Love You All Over Again
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Home Away From Home
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Don’t Need a Guy
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Still unwinding from my weekend adventures! I got to see so many amazing places, including this gorgeous building in the background. The centered alignment of the bench, walkway, and stairway was too pretty of a…… 3 days ago

Day 31 - Makes Me Happy - Ending the last day of my Photo Challenge on a happy note! ⁣ • ⁣ Antique Shops are my happy place. I love breathing in the history of what was, spotting little treasures in an array of…… 4 days ago

I had some reservations about hitting another bday, + not hitting the milestones I expected to. But this year, I took stock of how full my life is, + Ive never felt so loved by the ppl filling my life. I may not have everything I’d like, but I have more than I could ever ask for. 5 days ago

test Twitter Media - I had some reservations about hitting another bday, + not hitting the milestones I expected to. But this year, I took stock of how full my life is, + Ive never felt so loved by the ppl filling my life. I may not have everything I’d like, but I have more than I could ever ask for.

Day 30 - Fireside - I didn’t attend any bonfires this July, but I experienced so many things that warmed my heart. ⁣ • ⁣ I’m currently editing all of my birthday vlog footage, and it’s hitting me hard how much I…… 5 days ago

Day 29 - Horizon Lines - The beach has always been my happy place. 🌊 ⁣ • • ⁣ • ⁣ • ⁣ • ⁣ • ⁣ • ⁣ • ⁣ • ⁣ • ⁣ • ⁣ • ⁣ • ⁣ • ⁣ • #snapshots #interiorsnapshot #asnapshot #asnapshotofmylife… 1 week ago

Day 28 - The One Where - Cassie turns 31! 🎉 ⁣ • ⁣ 31 years ago today, my mom went into labor two and half months earlier than her due date. I’ve been doing things on my own terms, ever since. 😆 ⁣ • ⁣ A lot of prayer…… 1 week ago

Day 27 - Summer Lovin’ - If you’re wanting a happy summer playlist to listen to, this is mine. ☺️ ⁣ • ⁣ • ⁣ • ⁣ • ⁣ • ⁣ • ⁣ • ⁣ • ⁣ • ⁣ • ⁣ • ⁣ • ⁣ • ⁣ • ⁣ • #snapshots #interiorsnapshot… 1 week ago

Day 26 - Sunset Chaser - Another song spoiler 😉 But for reals, I am always chasing sunsets, even though the photos never do them justice. ☀️ (p.s. this photo was taken in the rose garden of @RadissonStHelen hotel in…… 2 weeks ago

Day 25 - Shake That Polaroid - A little song lyric spoiler for ya. (It’ll be in your earbuds sooo soon)! Today marks my birthday week! I’ve got some dandy things planned. 😁🎉 Last year I had a genuine meltdown over…… 2 weeks ago

Day 24 - Lazy Daze - Today, I ventured out, (with dratted mask in hand😫), to my local farmers market. I scored some deliciously juicy peaches, some Amish-grown corn cobs, and a sweet smelling cantaloupe (for my…… 2 weeks ago

Day 23 - Mock/Cocktails - My caffeine dealers at purebredcoffee are familiar with this pink cup from @stojoco, of late. 😆 They provide me with coffee and cheerful quips when I come in looking like a sleepwalker. I’d…… 2 weeks ago

It’s almost Friday. Hallelujah! 🎉 2 weeks ago

test Twitter Media - It’s almost Friday. Hallelujah! 🎉

Day 21 -Together - When she’s here, our home and hearts are full. 💛 @ Troy, Ohio… 2 weeks ago

Day 20 - Golden Hour - 🎵 Soak up that golden hour, and dance in the glow 🎵 ⁣ • ⁣ That’s a line from a song I wrote but haven’t yet released (someday though)! There’s something so enchanting about Golden Hours.…… 3 weeks ago

Day 19 - Mug Shot - I greatly considered going literal on this prompt, and cheersing you with a mug of iced brew—but who doesn’t love a scrunch-noses selfie instead? 😆 Happy Monday, loves! New vlog in the bio…… 3 weeks ago

Day 18 - Free The Freckles - I’ve always been so thankful for my freckles. I think today’s culture wants us to hate our natural skin texture—to want what we don’t have, and despise what we do. But I looove what my…… 3 weeks ago

Day 17 - Crack Of Dawn - I’d like to say I’m a morning person, but that’s not exactly true... 😅 ⁣ • ⁣ I like the extra hours I have available when I get up early, but do I WANT to set an alarm for 6am? Heck no! 😆…… 3 weeks ago

New vlog of my 4th of July weekend! 🇺🇸… 3 weeks ago

Day 16 - Tip Your Hat - I was saving this magnificent hat for a special occasion. And then I thought, “Summer is already halfway over, and I haven’t worn it once!” So yesterday, I brandished my larger-than-life hat…… 3 weeks ago

Day 15 - Picnic - Yesterday was a scorcher! We hadn’t calculated that into our picnic plans. But we found a shady spot among a grove of trees, and enjoyed a cool, relaxing reprieve from the heat. ⁣ • ⁣ Moments like…… 3 weeks ago

@marceloarismen1 Oh wow what are you eating? 3 weeks ago

@thechefbakes I’ve def had those kind of days 😆 3 weeks ago

@Skye_McNeil7 So cool! What’s your book about? 3 weeks ago

Day 14 - Flip Flops - if it’s summer, you can bet I’m living in flip flops. I have the tan lines to prove it. 😆 what’s your go-to summer fashion…… 3 weeks ago

Day 11 - Tan Lines - My goal for turning into a little brown berry this summer is working nicely. 😏 #gimmieallthetanlines NEW VLOG if you haven’t seen it, link in ma bio!…… 3 weeks ago

Happy Tuesday, Tootes! What are you up to today?? 💛 3 weeks ago

test Twitter Media - Happy Tuesday, Tootes! What are you up to today?? 💛

Day 12 - Hot Stuff - Nothing makes me feel more elegant, feminine, and sexy than a swishy dress (it MUST swish)! ⁣ • ⁣ I know this prompt could be interpreted in many ways, which is why I chose it. But I think it’s…… 4 weeks ago

@nlambert6 You too Neil!! 😁💛 4 weeks ago

@onufreyonboard You too friend! 😁😁 4 weeks ago

Happy Sunday, loves! 4 weeks ago

test Twitter Media - Happy Sunday, loves!

Day 11 - Bloom - It’s funny, how we bloom wherever we’re planted. Even in between slabs of unforgiving concrete, flowers find a way to wriggle through. They always find their way to the light. The same goes for us.…… 4 weeks ago

Day 10 - Painted Toes - Why are painted nails such a confidence boost?? ⁣ • ⁣ I think it’s because it forces us to slow down, take a moment, breathe, and let ourselves be pampered, feel cared for by someone else.…… 4 weeks ago

@Sinjun45 Ooo that’s a classic choice! 4 weeks ago

@JJN09 Ooo never been, but I bet it’s great! And thank you!! 😊💛 4 weeks ago

Day 9 - Currently Reading - I’ll be honest, I haven’t done much reading lately, BUT if done plenty of listening!! Swipe to see my go-to summer playlist! What’s yours?? ⁣ • ⁣…… 4 weeks ago

Day 8 - Outside My Window - There’s something wonderful about being in the country. Living on untouched land, golden hours to die for, and sunsets that would put Thomas Kincaid to shame. Do you prefer the country,…… 4 weeks ago

Flashback to 4th of July. 🇺🇸 what’s your favorite festival food? 4 weeks ago

test Twitter Media - Flashback to 4th of July. 🇺🇸 what’s your favorite festival food?

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