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From the time she could put words together, country music artist Cassandra Joy began singing and has never stopped. She often performs at county fairs, local festivals, malls, and at famous Nashville venues such as “The Bluebird Cafe”, “The Listening Room”, and “Pucketts”. This Troy Ohio native trained with the highly esteemed artist development program “PCG Nashville”, where in addition to other things she honed her songwriting skills with veteran Nashville songwriters. Cassandra’s bubbly personality and casual “jeans kind of girl” style, combined with her strong, angelic vocals and original songs, captivate her listeners and leave them anxious for more.
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Holy Jeans *
Burned *
Don’t Take My Breath Away *
What Would You Say *
Just Somethin’ *
Fairytale *
Love You All Over Again
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Home Away From Home
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Don’t Need a Guy
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Day 20 || Happy Clothes || Summer is on its way, and for the first time in years, I’m actually excited about summer clothing. If you’re plus sized like me, summer clothes are usually a nightmare. They’re not made…… 18 hours ago

Day 19 || Self Care || I remember how often I would cake on foundation to hide my acne. Don’t get me wrong, I love a full face—but now, only on special occasions. Since finding and sticking to my daily skincare…… 2 days ago

Day 17 || Books And Coffee || Last Saturday, our big, outside mall reopened! So I jumped in the car with my friend Amanda and her daughter NatNat, and spent the day in the glorious sunshine. We strolled among the…… 7 days ago

Day 16 || Bring The Outside In || I’m SO excited for today!! Our outside mall has finally reopened, so me and one of my girlies have gotten all dolled up in sun-friendly fashion, and will be making the most of this…… 2 weeks ago

Day 15 || Together || it’s taken me a lifetime to curate the kind of friends I have. Loyal, and lifelong. These ladies are always there when I need them. Willing to celebrate, cry, empathize, and live life with me. I…… 2 weeks ago

Currently having a cup of Swiss Mocha on my back porch, lounging in a rocking chair, breathing in the sunshine. ☀️ Can’t think of a more lovey way to spend a Saturday morning.…… 2 weeks ago

Day 14 || My Happy Place || If you’re my friend, you know that an antique/boutique shopping spree (with coffee in hand, obvs) makes me act like a kid in a sweet shop from the 50’s. My joy is uncontainable.…… 2 weeks ago

Day 13 || Unwind || so behind on these, but it’s fine. 😆 When I tell you that there is nothing I’d rather come home to after an exhausting day of work than a country sunset and my cozy homestead, you have no idea. My…… 2 weeks ago

New vlog. It’s all drama 😨 3 weeks ago

test Twitter Media - New vlog. It’s all drama 😨

Day 12 || Home Is a Where The Heart Is || I know I’m a bit behind on these. Trying to get into a new work routine, and keeping my eyes open long enough to juggle socials is proving a challenge. But! Home makes it…… 3 weeks ago

Day 11 || Gratitude Attitude || I never realized how much I appreciated holding up in a cozy coffee shop until quarantine kicked in. 😆 What’s your favorite place to consume copious amounts of caffeine? Comment them…… 3 weeks ago

Day 10 || Slow Down || Today was one of those chill days, where I started off this grey, dreary morning by (accidentally) sleeping in til 11:30am. But I made up for lost time by plopping down on my couch without an…… 3 weeks ago

Day 9 || Wanderlust || I’d give just about anything to go back to crumbling castles, and ancient ruins, back to open, untouched lands of my ancestors. Take me back to trees with faces, legends of fairyfolk, and air…… 4 weeks ago

Day 8 || Bank Holiday Happiness || Today marks my last day at my job. Nearly five years of my life were spent here. Nearly five years of blood, sweat, and tears—but oh, so much laughter, too. ⠀⠀ • ⠀⠀ Fifty children…… 4 weeks ago

Day 6 || Home Comforts #comewhatmay • I find that it’s the little things, touches and details—Having things arranged just so, in your kitchen, the view of a sunset from your front yard—that make a home. @ Troy, Ohio… 4 weeks ago

Day 5 || Makeshift Office #comewhatmay • I’ve had many makeshift offices in my life: on patios, balconies, castle gardens, and coffee shops. So long as I have my laptop, phone, a cup of coffee, and an organized mess…… 1 month ago

Day 3 || In The Kitchen: #comewhatmay • I love my little kitchen. I love the rarity of my ashwood shelves, the hanging mugs underneath that were an absolute must. The containers collected over Christmases and…… 1 month ago

Day 2 || Prompt: Dreaming of... #comewhatmay ⠀⠀ • ⠀⠀ Currently dreaming of this thoroughly magical castle-turned-hotel I stayed at, in Dublin, Ireland. (@sthelens) A majestic rose garden unfurled like a rolled out…… 1 month ago

Day 1 || Prompt: Flower Friday #comewhatmay ⠀⠀ • ⠀⠀ This was the 6th of July—my Grandma’s birthday last summer. The day I ventured out on a gloriously sunny morning, and visited my little town’s Farmer’s Market. The…… 1 month ago

My plants have been very appreciative of my being off work—mostly because I remember to water them more often. 😂 Also—new vlog is up on the channel. Link in bio!…… 1 month ago

If you wear a size above XL, then you know the frustration of finding a cute piece of clothing, falling immediately in love, clicking the drop down bar to select your size—only to find, they don’t carry it.…… 1 month ago

I’ve been scrolling through my old photographs from Ireland, and it’s making me so nostalgic (not a difficult task lol). I took this picture standing in a horseshoe shaped stretch of land. On the right stood the…… 1 month ago

revival_haus has the sweetest treasures. 😍 Been missing my hometown outings to stores like this! But I did some online retail therapy, so that helped. 😆 New vlog up on my channel! (Link in bio)!…… 1 month ago

@PattersonLela Aw thank you, love!! 💛💛 1 month ago

@KOkid79 I think we all struggle with this! You’re not alone! 1 month ago

In case you need a happy distraction ☺️… 1 month ago

test Twitter Media - In case you need a happy distraction ☺️

In case you haven’t watched... 😳… 2 months ago

test Twitter Media - In case you haven’t watched... 😳

Ever cringe right before posting a full body photo of yourself? I do. Every time. 😖 ⠀⠀ • ⠀⠀ What you don’t see in this photo: A hat to hide all incriminating evidence of dry shampoo and Day 4 hair. 😅 ⠀⠀ • ⠀⠀ High…… 2 months ago

Do your skin a favor, and start your Tuesday off right!! 🥰 ⠀⠀ • ⠀⠀ Ive been a sufferer or stubborn adult acne for a while now, (have you been there? 🙋🏻‍♀️) but I’ve only recently started taking my skin care…… 2 months ago

It’s happening... 2 months ago

test Twitter Media - It’s happening...

@hauschen1 Happy Easter to you too! 🤍 2 months ago

Happy Easter Sunday! It’s a strange one. No baking, no baskets, no dressing up, no extended family to entertain—not the usual picture of how Easter usually goes down in my house! But one tradition we are able to keep…… 2 months ago

Wow never heard of it! Looks fun. 2 months ago


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